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Bars can be found in all tourist areas of Thai land and are mainly aimed at the tourists. Thais tend to drink at home or in the many street cafes stalls, however there are some Thai bars and if you find one then pop inside because they can be fun. Pool bars and music bars are very popular with the Young Thai adults and can be great fun to spend an hour or two.

Bangkok has a huge verity of bars ranging from pool bars to go-go bars to music bars were the locals dance the night away. More local information, including places to drink can be found in the City/Island Guides available via the above links.

Pool bars

These are popular with the Thai locals and its a case of winner stays on. In most bars there will be some locals (girls) who are assigned to a pool table and will play a game. You will find that they tend to win most of the games so are often on a table for most of the night. This works well when most of the customers tend to be alone. During quiet nights it is easy to get a game between yourself and a friend but on busy nights there might be a queue waiting to play. Most pool bars are also a great place to go and watch an English game of football.

Music Bars

A lot of bars will provide entertainment in the form of live music. These bars will also often do food and can turn in to a great night out. Most of the bands that play will entertain you will recent releases and will take requests. Some of these bands are extremely good. A lot of hotels will have bars like this but it is worth trying out a few others as well.

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Go-Go bars

Aimed at the male tourist population, these are lively venues that are opened until the very early hours of the morning. Most go-go bars will have female employees outside trying to tempt tourists in. The Thai version of Nightclubs and are very popular with male Tourists and can be a good night out whether alone, in a group or with a partner. Drinks often have two prices, one for Thais and one for Tourists. In some tourist locations, go-go bars have been accused of overcharging, however it is often a case of the locals being given a dicount and paying cost price. One word of warning. Tourists have been own to get in to trouble in Go-Go bars for one reason or another. In places like Phuket, be careful not to offend or do anything that can lead to the police being called. In one case a female tourist was imprisoned after being accused of selling a bar mat. If you get in to an argument, remain calm as this will get you further than losing your temper. Be in good spirits and enjoy yourself and you will have a great time.

International bars

Over the years a lot of bars have been opened by non-Thais. In Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and a number of the islands, these bars will include German, Australian, American, British and Irish. As well as having a national theme most of these Bars will include a good International menu and will often have International TV/Sport showing.

More rural areas

Once outside the main Tourist areas, bars tend to be along the lines of a shop/bar/cafe and can suddenly appear around a bend in the middle of nowhere. In more populated areas that are not tourist centres, you will find the odd international themed bar and these will be run by ex-pats that have moved to the area. The more you move away from the tourist centres the more Thai the bars become.

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