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Border Control

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On Entering Thailand.

Restricted Items:

  • 200 Cigarettes or 25g of Tobacco or 50 Cigars
  • 1 Litre of Wine or spirits.
  • A person may only bring in one still camera and one video/film camera. Entering with more than one of each of these will be considered a "Trade" Import and could be subjected to Trade taxes.

Banned Items:

  • Drugs
  • pornography
  • Guns, hunting weapons* and ammunition, underwater harpoons

*Persons in some countries may be able to get permission for hunting weapons to be taken in to Thailand from the Thai Police and this should be pre-arranged before arrival. However you should also take note of restrictions with Airlines and Airports.

Return Journey.

EU Countries:
First thing to remember when shopping in Thailand, is that items over a value of 120/175 are subject to VAT and Customs Duty on your return home.
ALL meat, Vegatables, Fruit and Fresh Food are most likely prohibited from being Imported in to all of the EU. Dry foodstuffs, such as curry paste and dry noodles may be brought in to the EU but it is worth checking the regulations in your home country.

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