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Getting Around

Bus services


Bangkok has a number of bus services and these can range from coverted lorries (similar to the Pick-up buses on islands) to normal but old style buses. Buses are not really advisable if you do not know bangkok very well.

Coach services

This can be a good way of getting around the country, Bangkok has daily services to most parts of the country and if the schedule does not include the location you wish to go to, there is a very good chance they will make a detour if it is not too far out of the way. The best way to book a coach is to pop in to a local tour agent. Most pickup from Khea San Road in Bangkok and will pick-up from your hotel if it is on or near your route.

Some of the Destinations available from Bangkok.
To the ferry for Ko Chang
Udon Thani

Most coaches are air-conditioned and some even include a TV.

River Taxis

Bangkok operates a number of river Taxis from small craft with make shift Thai outboard motors to Cruises. These are often changingso it is advisable to ask at your hotel and getting about on the river.

Island Ferrys.

With a number of tourist destinations being Islands, there is a network of ferrys the provide the access. Most ferrys connect with Coach, Air and Rail services especially those from Bangkok. If travelling from Bangkok by coach, you are best booked once in Thailand and at the same time as you book your coach. In most cases a ticket can be book at the ferry port on the day, and if you are driving yourself, this could be your best bet. If travelling direct to an Island from your home country as part of a package, you should find that transfer to the Island should have been booked/planned for you, usually by internal flight to the nearest airport (e.g. fly to Surat Thani

for the ferry to Koh Tao). It is worth checking.

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