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Getting Around

The most common vehicle you will see in Thailand are motorbikes/mopeds. In more built up areas you will also see a high number of cars.

Car Hire.

It is quite easy to hire a car in towns and cities especially where there are frequent tourists. Most places will allow you to hire a car with Just a UK licence, however it is always best to have an international licence if you can.

Motorbike/moped hire

These are very easy and cheap to hire. Nearly all towns will have at least one hire shop and if you are in a village and you know some locals then they could be happy enough to lend you their bike, (if you smile enough). A normal full driving licence should be ok.

Word of warning, only a few places will include insurance with you hire a car or bike. It is advisable to check your travel insurance will cover the cost of any accidents. If you do have an accident, you will most likely have to pay out of your own pocket an damages and then claim back. Bangkok has some better hire facilities that cater for international drivers. Your Hotel should be able to recommend the best places to hire from.


In most towns and Cities you will see Taxis everywhere, especially in Bangkok.

Taxis can range from comfortable Toyota saloons to pick-up bus taxi that act more like buses to Tok-Toks that weave in and out of the traffic.

Normal Taxis will be found in most large towns and are by meter. For longer distances they will often have a fixed price and in Bangkok most taxis will have a price list for the long journeys, such as Bangkok to Phuket, visual in the back seat.

If using a taxi in Bangkok, the taxi driver will avoid the expressway unless you tell him otherwise. It is recommended to use the expressway unless you have an hour to spare. It does cost a little extra, but it is much quicker so it equals out most of the time.

Pick-up Taxis are basically pick-up trucks with benches with a high roof in the back similar to Tok Toks. They are found on the more rural areas and can be the only public transport on the islands. To catch one just wave it down and tell the driver where you are going. To be honest, like tok toks, they can be fun to ride on, especially if there are a number of other people on there. Because this is a form of bus service, the driver will pick-up anyone who wants to use it (unless you pay him enough)

Tok Toks - This is the fastest way of getting around Bangkok without using the expressway. Tok Tok are and experience in themselves and great fun to ride. The locals use them to transport anything and everything. One minute a TOK TOK can be transporting tourists, next minute it is taking food stuffs to a market stall... The drivers can be quite adventurous darting in and out of the traffic, but once you are use to it, it becomes fun. It is quite possible to book a Tok Tok for half or full day and is a great way to see a number of sights in one day.

A word of warning about taxis/tok toks. A number of drivers will get free or discounted fuel if they bring in customers to a factory/shop/restaurant/bar. If the driver tells you that the place you wish to go to is closed and he can take you to another place, the chances are he is wanting to take you to the place that sponsors him. Be polite but firm but say no and repeat your destination. If he insist that you go somewhere else leave the vehicle, he will quickly change his mind. Taxis/TOK TOKs are otherwise safe and the best way to get around the likes of Bangkok.

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