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Thai Art

Thai Art, both modern and traditional, is heavily influenced by Buddhism. The Art work often includes such things as the Buddha or Elephants or Thai Dancers.

Modern Thai Artists are making more use of modern technology, such as video, photogrphy and modern printing techniques in their art.

The National Art Gallery in Bangkok is worth a visit for those interested in Thai Art
. (See the Bankok section for more info)

Thai Dance

Thai dances have special significance, often spiritual, and each move in the dance having its own special meaning.

Traditional Thai Dance - Girls hoping to become a traditional Thai dancer, are tested at an early age. If successful they train for years in Bangkok. The dance is also passed down in the villages to ensure that the tradition is maintained. The dances are a key part of festivals and celebrations throughout the country as well as being performed for the toruist industry. The dances have remain largely unchanged over the years.

Bamboo Stick Dance - Performed by Thai males in pairs with long bamboo sticks.

Dance of the Long Nails - Often the Dance that Westerners immediately think of when asked about Thai dances. The dances are performed with the dancers wearing long nail extensions and tradinitonal Thai dress.

Candle Dance - Similar to the dance of the long nails, but candles replace the long nails on the hands of the dancers.

Magic Fowl Dance - Mainly performed in North Thailand but is one of the oldest Thai dances.

Dances of the Hill Tribes - A tradiotional dance of the Northern Hill Tribes. The dance is perform as part of the Northern hill Tribe's worship of the ancestors and is allows the ancestors to enjoy the dancing by taking possession of a dancer for the duration of the dance.

Sport in Thailand

The most popular team sport in Thailand is football, with the English leagues, especially the premiership, having a large following. There are a number of Thai TV channels that will often show English matches and most bars in the towns and cities will show English matches.

The most popular local sport that Thai go and watch live is Thai Boxing. Thai Boxing schools can easily be found in mostlarge twons and cities, especially in Bangkok. Some schools will allow tourist to take part in the days training and some will also allow tourist to have "friendly" matches with the locals, for a fee of course. Another popular local sport is a Thai version of volleyball (Sepak takraw) where the feet are used instead of hands. If you are visiting Thailand then it is worth going to watch both spots if you get the chance. Kit flying is also very popular in Thailand and is great fun for the kids.

Thai Dating, Singles and Personals

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