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Eating out

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Eating in Thailand.

Thai food has over the years become very popular in the UK and around the world. and you will find that it is worth trying Thai food in its home country. The tastes are amazing. In tourist areas, most Thai restaurants will include some international dishes in their menu, although this might be restricted to burgers etc.
More local information, including places to eat can be found in the City/Island Guides available via the above links.

Thai Dating, Singles and Personals

Most places will have the option of eating outside or in doors. Some of the best places to eat are also Bars and often have live entertainment. It has often been a case of going to eat somewhere and not leaving until the early hours.

Thais love seafood and nearly all Thai menus will have a large selection of seafood available as well as Chicken and Beef


Hotel Restaurants.

Most hotel Restaurants are open to the public and have excellent menus. A number of these restaurants will have an international theme to them, for example the Manchester United restaurant in the Bangkok. These tend to be more formal than the typical Thai restaurants so worth checking if there is a dress code (some will not allow shorts or T-shirts to be warn).

International Menus

It is not difficult to find European or international restaurants in the well populated areas of Thailand especially the tourist areas. International bars are a good source of international food and these can have quite extensive menus with large servings of tasty and well cooked food.

Other places to eat

For the Kids.

McDonalds and KFC are very popular in Thailand but with a bit of Thai influence thrown in to the menu. Surprisingly the serving then to be bigger than in the UK. A good choice for anyone out shopping for the day as most shopping malls with have at least one.

Food halls.

Most large shopping malls will have a large area devoted to food. The way these work is buy the customer buying credit on a food card at a kiosk and then going to get what food you want from the many vendors. You pay for the food by handing in the card and they deduct credit from it. Then move on to the next vender you are interested in. A great way to sample a number of different dishes. These are cheap and because the food cooked in bulk will not be to the same quality as in a restaurant but it is fresh and tasty. Any credit left can be refunded back at the kiosk.

Street food stalls and road side cafes..

These are found everywhere in Thailand and are very popular with the Thai people. The food is cooked fresh that day and if you are out early enough you can see some stalls even plucking the chickens for the day. Road side cafes will do a larger range of food with some of the larger ones nearer to town/city centres even doing international food.

Seven Eleven

One thing you will notice on your first visit to Thailand is that Seven Eleven shops are nearly everywhere. In Bangkok there is one on most streets. These are good for picking up snacks etc... I especially like the waffle snacks with the hot dog in the middle.

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