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National Goverment Structure

The Thai Parliment is similar to that of the UK, in that there is a constitutional monarchy and 2 chambers, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The Senate is made up of 267 Senators. The Senators are a collection of top offiers and officals selected by the King. Senators serve a 6 year term.

The House of Representatives is populated by 357 members who are elected by the people. These serve a term of 4 years.

Power of the King

Although Thailand is a constitutional Kingdom, the King has the power of veto to adopt or reject any new laws. The King also has the power to issue personal decrees allowing the King to introduce new laws himself.

Local Goverment

There are 73 provinces in Thailand which are subdivided in to 567 districts. Each provinces has an elected Governor who forms the leadership of the local administration.

Each of the districts is subdivided in to parishes.

Goverment funding originates from Bangkok but the local provisinces have the reponsiblity of how these funds are used.

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